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  • Technology used by NASA
  • Tested in a FDA compliant laboratory
  • In use by hundreds of companies
  • No installation required

  • Proven to reduce 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces
  • Designed for use in large occupied indoor spaces up to 20,000 square ft
  • 100% safe for humans, animals, and plants

During one of the worst times in our recent history, we need to keep our people safe. Our families, our clients, our students and our workers. There is no reason your location should not have the most advanced purification ever discovered.

1k+ Businesses Use ActivePure® Technology

What our clients have to say

Check out how some of our customers feel about our ActivePure® technology. We are currently in School districts, Surgical rooms, Medical facilities, Government facilities, residential homes, and much more.

* Video does not contain any actors, only real customers.

ActivePure® Benefits

Not only do we stop contaminates from air and surfaces, you can see much more of our benefits below.

- Allergy and Asthma Sufferers
If seasonal allergies, breathing difficulties or asthma impact your daily life, Beyond by Aerus' ActivePure® Technology can help.

-Health Fanatics
Clean environments naturally facilitate wellness. If you're devoted to living a healthier life, Beyond by Aerus has solutions to support your lifestyle.

-Pet Lovers
Furry family members bring love...and dander. With Beyond by Aerus, it's possible to have the companionship of your four-legged friend and clean, breathable air at the same time.

-New Parents or Caregivers
Delicate immune systems can be compromised by allergens, bacteria and viruses. Let Beyond by Aerus' ActivePure® Technology work in your home to bring a clean balance to air and surfaces.

-Health Concerns
If you're living with existing health concerns, or would benefit health-wise from a cleaner environment, then Beyond by Aerus technologies could be the solution you've been looking for.

If you'd like to sleep better, feel better and simply live better, Beyond by Aerus has products that can help. Our technology can help everyone live a healthier life!

There's nothing we want more than to protect you and the people you care about. Talk to us via Chat (on bottom right) or give us a call at
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